Year 2: Unit 10 Week Five

Blog Reminder

Examples of my concept development to date, which illustrate how I’m exploring different approaches and media. LO 2.2 (This could include screen grabs from today’s Adobe Illustrator session or/and how you have implemented some of the layout knowledge gained from Tutor lecture on layout)

Today’s workshop on layout

If you missed the layout workshop today please watch the attached Powerpoint and see me for further explanation.

Page Layout Lecture part 1

The video below explains how you can achieve more exciting composition in your work…


If you missed the Adobe Illustrator tutorial in class today it is important that you watch these online tutorials and practice using the basic tools. You may have to download a free trail of the software or make extra time to come into college to use the software on the pcs. Next week I will be delivering part two of my Adobe Illustrator course so it is vital that you are prepared for this session otherwise your colleagues will be held back while you catch up. 


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