Year 2: Unit 10 Week Nine

Blog Reminder

Evaluation of my final solutions against the identified target audience of young children. (LO 3.1) 

Notes: this evidence could take the form of recording a young child interacting with your final creative product. An interview or questionnaire given to the child or the parent/carer. Feedback from staff that have contact with your target audience e.g toyshop staff, teachers etc. Evidence can be audio or transcribed interviews – NOT photos or video due to child protection.


Be well prepared if you are organising a little focus group of young children to evaluate your product. Have a list of open questions and a clear set of outcomes that you hope to get from the session. Children have a short attention span so you might want to visit that group a 2nd time to avoid overloading them with questions.
Remember it is vital that you get parental/carer consent before you interview the child and you need to discuss with the parent/carer how you are allowed to present your evidence. They may only permit written evidence and not audio. DO NOT upload any photos or video footage of the child.

Watch this video and see how this teacher uses open questions:


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