Year 2: Unit 10 Week Seven

Blog Reminder

A summary of my production work  to-date including reference to earlier production schedule. 
(you must show an overview of your progress which includes evidence of your creative solution development for far. This could include screen grabs, video clips, interviews, etc. Refer to your production schedule and whether you are on track with meeting the deadline. If this is not the case state why and what your plans are to catch up) Refer to your Blog entry on Week 4.

See Blog checklist below:



Be creative with typography! Remember your target audience has a short attention span and a passion for fun! See example below that uses ‘type on a path’ in InDesign:


Here’s how to create your own text on a path. Experiment and show me on a blog post:

Today’s workshop on Colour

If you missed the colour workshop today please watch the attached Powerpoint and see me for further explanation.

Colour Lecture


Have you remembered to use Harvard referencing throughout your Blog posts?


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