What make a good character?

How does this affect the style of writing and choice of narrative?

Explore Story telling ingredients and how a character’s need drives plot.

Demonstrate and understanding of how to build a character and how this effects the style of writing. Write in any form exploring a character, setting and plot: short story, script for film or theatre or radio, beginning of novel, poem or journalistic (non-fiction) article.


What are the main ingredients of story: on post it notes and working in groups write down five ingredients and put them in order of importance. Share with other groups how you came to your decisions.

Answer the questions from the character study.

Interview another person in character.

Collate information and use this character study to write a story.

You can write in any form or medium.







What is your character’s NEED?

How is your character reflected in language and grammar e.g. word choice and sentence structure?

Here are the setting questions for future use. Think about other techniques writers use for both character and setting E.G. photographs




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