Week 5: Themes and Genre conventions. Tone & style of genre Choosing the best form to explore your theme and narrative.

Explore a theme and develop an idea for story in any form: journalism, fiction, poem or script.

How do you choose the best form for your narrative and theme?

How does word choice and syntax affect your writing?

Explore the theme of fear and analyse how existing writers also use fear.

Write a piece exploring a theme from: water, fear, fashion, sport, global warming, community, urban landscapes – or one of your own choosing

Develop an idea for two forms: fiction, non-fiction, poetry or script.






Migrant battles on the streets of Paris: Riot police clash with Afghans and Eritreans as they clear up camps in French capital following Calais Jungle closure 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3889328/French-riot-police-begin-destroying-camps-UK-bound-migrants-Paris.html#ixzz4OkpHxIY0
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Anger as Paris police launch surprise migrant camp clearance


Fear and Clothing

Unbuckling American Style


Fear and Clothing: Gun fashion is the inevitable spawn of our gun culture



In the news

Image for the news result

2016 could be a winnable election for the GOP, especially given Clinton’s continued email …

Election Fear Creeps Into the Market – MoneyBeat

Wall Street Journal17 hours ago

More news for fear


Note: Chance to implement some specific research skills to help develop ideas.


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