Unit 9 Brief



Unit 9 Brief: Words and Young communities

Exploring a theme and using different forms to tell the story.

Future Creative are an art organisation who have commissioned you as writers and journalist to explore the main issues effecting the 18 to 30 demographic to be part of an exhibition. They are especially interested in how words effect their audience.

This can include any theme from: identity, community, addiction, gender issues, cultural and social differences, tolerance, consumerism, obsession, fear, housing, education… you choose.

Once you have chosen a theme you must depict your story in two different forms:

Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, visual media, script form (film, radio or stage), photography, spoken word or game narrative.


You, as the writer, can collaborate with other artist (film makers, directors, actors, poets, designers, graphic artists, musician, performing artists…) to produce the final piece.


The work will be part of an exhibition: Words and Young communities.


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