Project 2 The Walk: Week 1: Genre and Tone. Setting and Character

                                               PROJECT 2: ‘THE WALK’

 Task description:  This project requires you to work independently on producing a narrative that explores local histories using the written word, spoken word (audio) and visual storytelling methods. You are tasked with producing a map that tells specific narratives informing walkers of the place, its people and its history. You will produce a paper map and interactive map with chosen locations and narratives for specific landmarks and places/celebrated buildings; famous or infamous people and the events that have shaped the place/area. You will identify a route for tourists, locals or historians etc. informing them or entertaining them along the route: either a young audience or local tourism for all ages (you must clearly identify your audience).

  1. Your task is to either write a series of fiction or non-fiction reportage/features or a non-fiction fictionalized tales depicting the local history of the chosen places or you can compose a myth, or fictional story to identify a history of the place (make up a story based on local knowledge/literature). The maps are to be in pamphlet form with an accompanying audio.


The maps are to be accompanied by audio. You will record the stories/reportage/article of local interest for walkers to listen to on their route. Walkers should be able to download the audio on their mobile phone or other portable digital devises.

Interactive element:

  1. You will also produce a digital version of your map with imbedded video links to the narratives and journalistic features. For the audio and visual elements, you will be required to work in production teams and if possible work with actors/poets/storytellers.

There is an option to collaborate with others if you are covering the same route in the same areas.

Here is the brief in full:updated-brief-proj-2-map


Week 1 we will cover genre and tone, character and setting.

Today’s PowerPoint: genre-conventions-for-walk-project-2


Here are some resources to help:










Crime Conventions:

Science Fiction




Travel Writing tips:




Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson:


character questions:



Complete the following sentence in 10 different ways: It was almost midnight.

Aim to conjure up a different place, setting, event or situation in each of your 10 sentences.

Write on the theme of water in three different genres – include 1 non-fiction

Setting questions using the place of your choice

What do you know about genre conventions – research into conventions and tropes of horror, crime and sci-fi. Read at least one piece from each genre. Practice writing with the theme of water in three different genres.


Other stories and extracts in various genres










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