Unit 12:Research and Critically examine the influence of historical and contemporary contexts on your practice

Unit aim: This unit will require students to research and critically examine the influence of historical and contemporary contexts on their own practice. The unit will enable the student to demonstrate a greater depth of understanding of their discipline and place within it.

It is expected that students should produce a piece of extended writing of a minimum of 1,500 words.

Other evidence is not prescribed. It could typically include reflective journals, blogs, workbooks, notebooks, research portfolios, storyboards, sampling, presentations in audio, visual and digital formats. This list is not exhaustive and students should be encouraged to develop the most appropriate evidence to demonstrate their achievement of the unit learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Scheme of Work with added notes from Zoran:



Here are some other guides and tips to help:


PowerPoint with structure and Learning Outcome Criteria:







The Black Box system for organizing a story

Len Reed, environment and science team leader at The Oregonian, developed a system to help reporters handle unruly information.

The Black Box helps reporters sort through and prioritize the information they have and quickly and clearly make the case for their stories to editors. With the system, writing a story is essentially boiled into four phases.



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