Here is the new FMP (Extended Project Portfolio). Look through and familiarise yourself with the dos, but for now focus on the PROPOSAL SECTION.

FMP portfolio 28a.03.2017

Over Easter look through these PowerPoint and start you research.

Remember to work in WORD so we can transfer the work to the Extended Project Doc.

This is the research needed in order to do the Proposal for you Extended Project (FMP)

FMP week 2b Research

How to access ebooks and articles on the vle


Holly Examplar unit-8-project-proposal-pro-forma


Here is the document that you will upload your proposal to. please take a look at the headings and subheading to ensure you engage the process of the proposal correctly.

FMP Pre production pack


What and why I am interested in a particular medium and theme/topic? It’s about YOU, your passions and interests etc

Your research question: what am I trying to find out? It’s good to have a question to aim at and keep you on track: simple questions like what makes a good piece of journalism?

What’s interesting about the subject matter and the chosen medium and who will it be interesting for (audience) – the medium chosen obviously reaches a particular audience. Why? And How?

How I will collect the information I need (research design – methods) ?

Where I will collect the information I need? The literature e.g. magazines, YouTube, films, books, manuals, on-line info, L:RC resources etc

What the information has helped me understand about my chosen area/s?

Which information is relevant to my chosen area?

Which skills do I have that will help and which skills will I need to further my development etc

How ill the research help me with my product/project etc?



Have a good holiday and make sure you make time to get the research done. And work in Word!


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