FMP Year 1: Proposal and Research Week 3 (week beginning 18-4-2017)

Here are the PowerPoint’s for the Proposal and pre-production of the FMP. Please follow and make sure you are covering all aspects of the portfolio as you go, evidencing your research/findings and evaluating using the SWOT analysis. Remember a range of research and deciding what research is relevant to your ideas and aims for the project.

FMP week 2

FMP week 2b Research

FMP week 3

FMP week 4


This last PP details the pitch for the proposal.

FMP week 5

(the above PP for week 5 has been edited to suit a variety of forms and mediums.

Remember your research should impact and inform your work: many great works have relied on others that have gone before them so absorb, mimic and pay homage to others on your journey to finding your own style, voice, tone and intentions.

Zoran research








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