Final Major Project Guidelines and useful PowerPoint’s 16-5-17

This is the FMP portfolio with added comments from Alma to help you understand what is required of you in each section

Alma’s guide to FMP portfolio YEAR ONE FINAL 26.04.2017

Make sure you read through tjsi and familiarise yourself with all the requirements

These are the documents that we went through with useful tips for journalism: written, radio and documentary.

Documentary writing _ Film is visual

Documentary writing _ Film and radio


By this stage you should have finished the proposal – added to post presentation and begun the pre-production: FMP week 5 and 6

There is four weeks left, so we really need to spend as many hours getting the work done.

Buy following the PowerPoint’s we have used you can guide yourself through the criteria and the requirements for the portfolio.

Here are some other useful documents that will help with all aspects of journalism:

Tips for Writing a Lead – first 25 words_Introduction

4 questions to find a focus for your story

Better journalism _ declutter _leads _ clicheSentences in

Active and Passive Voice










Journalism in general



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