Uploading your final FlipHtml5 project

When you have completed your portfolio, please embed a Word document version in your blog so that a tutor can give feedback.

Then carry out the following:

Step 1

Launch Word and load you final portfolio and ensure it has been thoroughly proof read, spell checked and all links work e.g. links to YouTube etc. (please note that embedded movies will not work on page turning software so ensure there is a working link)

Create a pdf from your Word document as shown below:

Step 2

Launch FlipHtml5 on a college computer and import the pdf. You will now have a pageturning version of your portfolio. Check links work.


Step 3

Click ‘Upload online’ and it will then prompt you to log in – select sign in and enter the user name:


Then you will need to ask a member of staff to enter the password as this is only available to tutors for security reasons.

Step 4

Name your Flip book version using the following format for example:

George Smith FMP P & J Year 1 Level 3    (P & J abbreviation for print and journalism)

Then copy the link (url) at this stage and paste this into your blog so that your tutor can launch the page turning version if required (just an additional precaution)



This is the new version – latest and last version – of the Extended Project Portfolio (FMP).  Please start to look through and begin adding the text that it asks for. This should be all the work you have done so far – based on the weekly PowerPoint’s I have delivered

Extended Project portfolio YEAR ONE FINAL 26.04.2017

This is Alma’s guide with some added guidance in blue speech bubbles:

Alma’s guide to FMP portfolio YEAR ONE FINAL 26.04.2017


Here is a PP that helps you understand what you are doing and why you are being asked dot do it.

Master 2 How to use your Project Portfolio


Pre-Production checklist

FMP pre production tracking document


An example of last years work that ticked all the boxes in the checklist.

FMP last year examples of pre production students work



Better journalism _ declutter _leads _ cliche4 questions to find a focus for your storyTips for Writing a Lead – first 25 words_Introductionsix-word-memoir-presentation43-activevspassivevoicesetting-questionsjournalism-presentation-1

Final Major Project Guidelines and useful PowerPoint’s 16-5-17

This is the FMP portfolio with added comments from Alma to help you understand what is required of you in each section

Alma’s guide to FMP portfolio YEAR ONE FINAL 26.04.2017

Make sure you read through tjsi and familiarise yourself with all the requirements

These are the documents that we went through with useful tips for journalism: written, radio and documentary.

Documentary writing _ Film is visual

Documentary writing _ Film and radio


By this stage you should have finished the proposal – added to post presentation and begun the pre-production: FMP week 5 and 6

There is four weeks left, so we really need to spend as many hours getting the work done.

Buy following the PowerPoint’s we have used you can guide yourself through the criteria and the requirements for the portfolio.

Here are some other useful documents that will help with all aspects of journalism:

Tips for Writing a Lead – first 25 words_Introduction

4 questions to find a focus for your story

Better journalism _ declutter _leads _ clicheSentences in

Active and Passive Voice

















Journalism in general





Pre-production Handbook

FMP Pre production pack:

Here is a pack that has some useful guidance of what is expected of you in the next phase of the FMP. Don’t use it as tick list just as a guide. There are some very useful tips on visual story telling e.g. documentary as well as other things that you might find useful such as scripts and storyboards etc.  there are also release form for interviews and photography.

It will help you thoroughly think through every aspect of the pre-production. Read through and take note of anything you feel you need to consider for your project.

FMP Pre production pack 2

Year 1 FMP – 3-5.17 Following the Proposal: Pre-Production Research and Preparation.

Go through this PowerPoint and begin to consider the Pre-Production elements of the FMP: consider further research, the skills you have and need to enhance e.g. film and scripting; contingency plans

FMP week 5 and 6


Here is the updated YEAR 1 – PORTFOLIO for the Final Major Project (FMP – also known as Final Extended Project)

FMP portfolio YEAR ONE FINAL 24.04.2017


FMP Year 1: Proposal and Research Week 3 (week beginning 18-4-2017)

Here are the PowerPoint’s for the Proposal and pre-production of the FMP. Please follow and make sure you are covering all aspects of the portfolio as you go, evidencing your research/findings and evaluating using the SWOT analysis. Remember a range of research and deciding what research is relevant to your ideas and aims for the project.

FMP week 2

FMP week 2b Research

FMP week 3

FMP week 4


This last PP details the pitch for the proposal.

FMP week 5

(the above PP for week 5 has been edited to suit a variety of forms and mediums.

Remember your research should impact and inform your work: many great works have relied on others that have gone before them so absorb, mimic and pay homage to others on your journey to finding your own style, voice, tone and intentions.

Zoran research







Year 2 FMP Extended Project Portfolio including Proposal

Here is the Extended Project Portfolio (FMP). Make sure you read through all the document and familiarise yourself with the requirements.

Firstly though look through the Proposal and have this finished for the first week back after half term for a pitching session. Which is on pages 6, 7 and 8.

FMP portfolio 28a.03.2017

After the proposal has been agreed and signed off  you can work your way through the portfolio, reading the guidelines and advice as you go to ensure you complete the Extended Project and all the criteria.


Here is the new FMP (Extended Project Portfolio). Look through and familiarise yourself with the dos, but for now focus on the PROPOSAL SECTION.

FMP portfolio 28a.03.2017

Over Easter look through these PowerPoint and start you research.

Remember to work in WORD so we can transfer the work to the Extended Project Doc.

This is the research needed in order to do the Proposal for you Extended Project (FMP)

FMP week 2b Research

How to access ebooks and articles on the vle


Holly Examplar unit-8-project-proposal-pro-forma


Here is the document that you will upload your proposal to. please take a look at the headings and subheading to ensure you engage the process of the proposal correctly.

FMP Pre production pack


What and why I am interested in a particular medium and theme/topic? It’s about YOU, your passions and interests etc

Your research question: what am I trying to find out? It’s good to have a question to aim at and keep you on track: simple questions like what makes a good piece of journalism?

What’s interesting about the subject matter and the chosen medium and who will it be interesting for (audience) – the medium chosen obviously reaches a particular audience. Why? And How?

How I will collect the information I need (research design – methods) ?

Where I will collect the information I need? The literature e.g. magazines, YouTube, films, books, manuals, on-line info, L:RC resources etc

What the information has helped me understand about my chosen area/s?

Which information is relevant to my chosen area?

Which skills do I have that will help and which skills will I need to further my development etc

How ill the research help me with my product/project etc?



Have a good holiday and make sure you make time to get the research done. And work in Word!

FMP Week 1 “You”

Here is this weeks FMP session exploring you and your reasons for choosing your FMP – I have also added some other initial information that some of you may find useful.

FMP week 1a

  • What are you really passionate about and why. Also from when and where and how has this impacted on your life.
  • What is the big idea?
  • How are you going to achieve that idea?
  • What will you do to realise the big idea
  • What skills will you use and need to develop?
  • How will you deal with problems, technical issues and compromise?

Remember: Why, Where, What, Who When and How?

Journalism sessions for FMP Fashion and Sports

Types Of Lead

The Black Box system for organizing a story

Documentary writing _ Film is visual programme_doc_documentary_script

feature rules for print, audio and visual – first ask the basic questions