Uploading your final FlipHtml5 project

When you have completed your portfolio, please embed a Word document version in your blog so that a tutor can give feedback.

Then carry out the following:

Step 1

Launch Word and load you final portfolio and ensure it has been thoroughly proof read, spell checked and all links work e.g. links to YouTube etc. (please note that embedded movies will not work on page turning software so ensure there is a working link)

Create a pdf from your Word document as shown below:

Step 2

Launch FlipHtml5 on a college computer and import the pdf. You will now have a pageturning version of your portfolio. Check links work.


Step 3

Click ‘Upload online’ and it will then prompt you to log in – select sign in and enter the user name:


Then you will need to ask a member of staff to enter the password as this is only available to tutors for security reasons.

Step 4

Name your Flip book version using the following format for example:

George Smith FMP P & J Year 1 Level 3    (P & J abbreviation for print and journalism)

Then copy the link (url) at this stage and paste this into your blog so that your tutor can launch the page turning version if required (just an additional precaution)

Year 2 FMP Extended Project Portfolio including Proposal

Here is the Extended Project Portfolio (FMP). Make sure you read through all the document and familiarise yourself with the requirements.

Firstly though look through the Proposal and have this finished for the first week back after half term for a pitching session. Which is on pages 6, 7 and 8.

FMP portfolio 28a.03.2017

After the proposal has been agreed and signed off  you can work your way through the portfolio, reading the guidelines and advice as you go to ensure you complete the Extended Project and all the criteria.