Good Reading

Here’s where you’ll find an ever-growing list of great reads, watches and listens which aren’t necessarily specific to individual lessons, units or projects to help inspire you as a Journalist and reflect as a writer. Think book titles, features, interviews, documentaries, analysis, blogs and essays.














Why I Write – George Orwell:

A beautiful piece of writing in itself, this essay by George Orwell, author of 1984 and Animal Farm and one of the highest-regarded Journalists of the 20th Century, lays out his passion for words and some of his personal rules for good writing.


The Medium Matters – Johnson/The Economist:

An interesting column reflecting on whether the way you write – by pen, by touch typing, stooped over or sitting up straight – effects how you write.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S. Thompson:

Hunter S. Thompson was an American journalist and noted mad man who pioneered a new approach to Journalism, becoming the story itself. Previous to this book, he lived with a biker gang for three years so to document their way of life. Fear and Loathing follows a vaguely fictionalised Thompson on an assignment to cover a desert motor race for Sports Illustrated which descends into a drug and alcohol-fueled exploration of the failed American Dream of 1970’s Las Vegas.



Medium is a blogging platform for amateurs, professionals, academics and everyone in between to share their professional views, analysis, and informed opinions on a variety of topics. It is an excellent learning resource; there are so many articles about journalism, the media, the English language and the contexts and implications of all of these. Explore Medium, and perhaps sign up to it yourself!